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I have a white bump on my gums. What does it mean?

A bump on your gums normally indicates that there is an infection present in the tooth next to the bump. The tooth almost certainly has a large cavity. Such a problem could very quickly become serious. You need to see a dentist as soon as possible and you will likely be on antibiotics right away to deal with the infection. It's quite likely that you will lose this tooth.

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Dr Neimann is always friendly and prompt. I have only seen his dental hygienist Cindy and she is quite knowledgeable, helpful and always gentle. They take pride in making sure the patient is in great health overall.

I just started going to Dr. Backstrom's facility, my boyfriend has been with him for years, and we love her. Outstanding work, very gentle, pain less, and she is kind and funny. She cured my headaches that I've suffered from by treating me with a TMD orthotic and I've never been better. I strongly recommend her.

Dr. Neimann has provided me with the best care I have received from any doctor or dentist. He patiently walk me through the treatments before we started which made me feel more at ease. He is simply the best dentist in Leamington. Definitely someone I will refer my friends to.